About Us

Morocco's rural artisans are the heart of our mission. Time honored traditions of craftsmanship passed down through generations of women are displayed in our carefully sourced collections. Our belief in the dignity of work motivates our commitments to generous pay, investing in small businesses, and building mentorship programs within rural communities. 


We work directly with weavers, seamstresses, metalworkers, potters, painters and more to collaborate on unique modern and traditional Moroccan design. 


Our primary focus is to build a platform through which artisans can reach a global audience- We create access to international markets, provide generous pay for their craftsmanship, facilitate mentoring as they build their own small businesses, and implement mentorship programs so that communities can be transformed.


A brother-sister duo from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Andrew brings us business savvy and legal insight, while Elizabeth uses her uncanny grasp of the Arabic language to navigate Moroccan towns as we build relationships with artisans and develop collections. We are honored to build this company together, and are thrilled to present high quality, handmade luxury collections straight from Morocco.